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ces maisons sont parfaites. vous noticez qu'il fait chaud ces jours .. et c'est presque decembre.


Interesting collection of houses, but I feel the boy steals the show :).


The little boy is proud of his weapon!


That Sword is bigger than he is, and the smiles are lovely as usual Siney. Mal

Ashish Sidapara

Superb series once again, the shot of the kid (2nd last) is pricesless!!


I love how the people in your photo's always seem so happy!


It's a stark comparison to the lifestyle I am accustomed to. It's powerful stuff.


Hi Sidney. I love those pictures esp. the first one where everything is so lush.

Oh my, that boy seems a little young to be carrying a bolo (not sure if i got the term right). I guess many young children are taught to help their parents in the fields at a very young age.


Love the shots, especially the first one and also the one with thatched roof.

Craig Wilson

Technically your shots are always perfect, colour, detail and composition and they always say something on an emotional level... the way of life and the people you meet! This is an excellent photoblog! Keep up the good work :)


i like picture 2nd to the last. like father like son... looks to me that they are really related.


Hi Sidney,you always make good smile shot.
Have a nice weekend!


i like the little hut shot...really traditional house....and the boy wt his sword is funny shot- great candid.


What happy looking people. I like seeing their homes and wonder if they own they land, pay rent, or how having a dwelling works for them. Living outside and enjoying one another is so different than our hiding away from the heat in the summertime, and from the cold in the winter. Very nice series.


Hello Sidney !
always a great pleasure to visit your country by your blog, will come back soon

jude calvert-toulmin

sidney...these shots you're doing...this is world class photography my man. the subjects of your shots have implicit trust in you, its obvious, and there's one or two shots that are just've just got a way with people...the little boy cooking fish over a barbeque...the little boy with sand on his face...the group shot where they're all laughing...its all TERRIFIC :)

these are all just beautiful, these shots from the last few days.

nice one :)


Oh darn, I missed so many previous viewings. They are all fantastic. The rich colors and the copacetic faces of the people sometimes makes me wonder why I am here laboring to extremely stressful levels!


love the first shot... the green and the hut... do you ask permission to the people before you take their pictures? or you just go ahead and shoot? it seems they're enjoying it, hehehe. good job sidney... :)


I love the hut as well. And the boy in your previous post with the sand on his face.. Cute!!!

Hey Sidney, can I feature this nipa hut photo of yours in my blog?

Email me. thanks


Beautiful shots, as always. :D

Rural life. That's what I want. And seeing the houses in those pictures - gawd, I suddenly miss Baguio/Benguet.

And as a response to your comment on my site: Yes, I really do hate Manny Pacquiao.


The color and the clearness of your photos are spectacular. I congratulate to you. Greetings!

19 Seconds Of Spring

Great pictures Sidney... I'd pick the second picture as a favourite, it's so interesting living in such a beautiful place.


If I had to choose one of this picture...I just can't !!! I love all of these !
How do you do to shot everything with success? !


Sidney as always lovely images, I am loving the top shot a lot, don't ask me why I just am :D



You are a true magician.
Not only you find every day of the photographs splendid to make, you find subjects each time different, but, in each case, one sees the beauty, the JOY in spite of difficult, often very hard situations.
How arrive at this miracle!

Vous êtes un vrai magicien .
Non seulement vous trouvez tous les jours des photos magnifiques à faire , vous trouvez des sujets chaque fois différents , mais , dans chaque cas , on voit la beauté , la JOIE malgré des situations difficiles , souvent très dures .
Comment arrivez vous à ce miracle !

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